Attract, Don’t Chase Clients!

The benefits of attracting clients  First and foremost their coming to you because they believe you know what you’re doing, they believe that you are good at what you are doing. If you are going to people asking them for work or projects, in all essence you owe them a favor and they won’t necessarily be hiring because you know what you’re doing which now leads to them not wanting to pay you as you should be paid. If a client comes to you they have already researched you, appreciate how you work and have determined this person knows what … Continue reading Attract, Don’t Chase Clients!

How To Build An Audience For Your Brand

The first thing you should be thinking about when growing your audience is “how can I get them to care”. Getting people to care is key to being a successful brand. So you should be doing a lot of listening and interacting with people, if it’s online or in person. You can start by sharing what you know already in your industry and then look to get feedback. Of all that you’re sharing look to see what interest them the most. Then focus on that. You don’t get people to care by just sharing what you think they need, but … Continue reading How To Build An Audience For Your Brand